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Bunny De-Buggered

You may have noticed how on current affairs shows, when they cut back to Ray Martin after a story, he often says: “We’ll be following that story and keep you posted on any further developments.” Which means that they’ll immediately forget about the poor victim whose case they were beating up, unless something else sensational happens, or the original story rates its socks off. Well, I’m not like that. So when I broke (okay, repeated) the news of the Bugs Bunny redesign, I followed up the further developments (here).

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Review of the Sith

We have a Revenge of the Sith review.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has given it a rave review on his website (note that spoiler and language warnings apply: in particular, I feel a little miffed that Smith gave away the final shot of the film). It’s the first definitely legitimate review we have.

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The Hissyfitter’s Guide to the Galaxy

I wrote a while back about how much I was looking forward to the new movie of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so I thought it was worth commenting briefly on the ruckus over M.J. Simpson’s review of the film. For those that don’t lurk around the geeky corners of the internet, Simpson – a writer with a pretty impressive CV when it comes to writing about Adams – wrote a long, spoiler-filled review of the film (which you can find here). Previous to this, most of the reviews that had leaked out from preview screenings had been pretty positive: often they said a few things needed to be changed, but even that didn’t seem outrageous given that the whole point of these screenings was to fine-tune the film.

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Defiantly Uplifting

The Sea Inside (Alejandro Amenábar, 2004)

Spanish Title: Mar Adentro

The posters and press ads for Alejandro Amenábar’s The Sea Inside are not terribly enlightening: the face of hunky Javier Bardem dominates the image, set against the featureless blue of the sea. There is no indication of the content of the film, which centres on the quest by Ramón Sampedro (Bardem), a quadraplegic, to end his own life. Yet there is a greater honesty at work here, for the film is not the worthy-but-gruelling experience that the material might have you expecting. The Sea Inside is a tender and often funny film that is always engrossing and ultimately deeply moving.

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They Shoot Peanuts, Don’t They?

While I try to finish a post of more substance, here’s a post for those who like The Simpsons. Or Peanuts. Or animated violence: “Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown.” Originally posted at Anime Hell, it quickly went down after Cartoon Brew linked to it, but as I write Anime Hell are linking to a couple of working mirror sites. A violence warning applies, so don’t download it and show it to your kiddies. (If you do have trouble downloading it, there’s a fairly detailed write-up here.)

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There’s a new TV spot for Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory up at The Movie Box. While not that exciting in itself, it’s an excuse to point you towards the full length trailer that has been around a while now, which is hosted from the same page. This is undoubtedly the weirdest piece of promotional material ever to be released by a major studio: it’s strange even by Tim Burton standards.

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