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The Funniest Cartoon Ever?

Jerry Beck, co-author of the site Cartoon Brew and one of the most knowledgeable people on animation around, has let slip on the Golden Age Cartoon Forums that a collection of Tex Avery cartoons is potentially on the way:

At this time, there are no plans to release any MGM cartoons as collections on DVD – except for the TEX AVERY cartoons, which will hopefully be restored in time for release NEXT year (no promises however)…

Unlike the Tom & Jerry sets, George Feltenstein is personally overseeing this one.

Beck is in a position to know, being “in” with Warner Bros., who own the MGM cartoon library, so this is great news. (The significance of the reference to Feltenstein is that he oversees Warner Home Video’s classics division: if he is in charge, it means the DVDs are being given a respectful treatment, as happened for the Looney Tunes, rather than the more slapdash release given to the Tom and Jerry series. This is crucial not just for the quality of prints and extra features, but for the chances of seeing the cartoons uncut).

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