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Scotland, Paris, Yosemite

Some photographic highlights from my trip through England, Scotland, Paris and the United States in 2006. Click on any to go through to flickr where you can get a better look.

On the Road to Fort William

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Hot Cops

Hot Fuzz (Edgar Wright, 2007)

The team of actor / writer Simon Pegg and director / writer Edgar Wright immediately established a huge cult following with their first film, the zombie / romantic comedy hybrid Shaun of the Dead. Their core audience of fans will need no encouragement to see their new film, the cop movie spoof Hot Fuzz. Yet Hot Fuzz looks likely to both consolidate and broaden their audience; while it is not quite as bold as its predecessor, it is nonetheless hugely enjoyable and is sure to expand their following.

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I just wanted to highlight what has to be a new low for The Age website, from this afternoon:

They tried to put themselves at arm’s length from the “hook” (it’s a story about the distasteful speculation, so that makes it okay, right?), but it doesn’t redeem it.

Who said the Fairfax websites were becoming increasingly tabloid?

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