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Inner Melbourne

A few shots of Melbourne urbanity.

Bricks, Carlton

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Celebrating Ten Years of Self-Indulgent Obscurity

Yes, it’s true – it is ten years to the day since I uploaded the first version of this page [ie my old website, Cinephobia]. So if you can allow me just a small moment to reflect…

When I first started this site it was really just an exercise in designing a web page: I was trying out this whole new-fangled internet thing and the only content I had to hand was stuff I’d written about film in my spare time. And it’s continued in that lackadaisical fashion since. Particularly in early years there were some enormous gaps between updates (very close to two years in one instance), and there were many times I nearly declared the page retired and took it down. But every time I was about to do so I’d think that no, I did actually enjoy maintaining it , and vow to write more often.

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RIP HD-DVD; We Hardly Knew You

I’m a long way off making the leap to a high definition DVD format, but I’ve been watching the format war between the two rival formats (Blu Ray and HD-DVD) with some interest. It has seemed obvious to me for some time that Blu-Ray would be the last format standing; once all but one major studio was releasing disks in the format (while several don’t release disks on HD-DVD) it seemed inevitable to me. I’m not the only one who felt this way: JB Hi-Fi, for example, aren’t stocking HD-DVD titles at all on the basis that they see the death of the format as pretty much a foregone conclusion.

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